About NutMeg

GetNutMegged Puppy ADHD

Puppy (my cat) is awesome…and a little A.D.H.D. and O.C.D., too. Okay, a LOT.

I’m Meg…and I’m a nut; hence the title.

At 26, I was diagnosed with ADHD and OCD and a handful of other things. This blog is all about the things that make me tick, the struggles I face and the solutions I’ve discovered along the way.  The thing is, we’re all struggling in some way and we’re all doing the best we can.  If I can share something, that I’ve learned through my struggles, that ends up helping you through yours, then it’s all worth it.

Oh, we’ll probably laugh at me a little, too.  I wholeheartedly believe you gotta be able to laugh at yourself.  So, suffer with me, but laugh with me also.  Maybe we’ll both learn something along the way.

Feel free to shoot me an email or comment on any of my posts.  Here’s to the awesome adventure that lies ahead of us, my friends!

(And yes, I did spend hours trying to perfect the header photo…and yes it is actually nutmeg that I dumped in a frying pan.  I am just that weird.)


  1. This is interesting… You say “Oh, we’ll probably laugh at me a little, too. I wholeheartedly believe you gotta be able to laugh at yourself. So, suffer with me, but laugh with me also. Maybe we’ll both learn something along the way.”

    I’ve always said (Long before my ADD diagnosis) “If you lose your sense of humor, you now have a REAL problem” 😀

    -Old ADDer

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  2. CeeLee has just referred me to your blog Meg by saying, “Go say hi to my bestie-Meg.
    She’s NutMegged, has a great blog and bestest of all-is totally our type. 🙂 ” Who can say no to CeeLee ? I tried and failed miserably. So here I am.



    1. Hi there, Ralph! Sorry for the delayed response! Things are currently very hectic…so I hope you don’t feel like I was blowing you off! I appreciate you stopping by and reading so many of my posts and all. It’s hard to say no to CeeLee, so I totally get it. Glad that you stopped by and that you seem to think it was a good idea to hang around. 🙂 I’m going to check out more of your blog ASAP. Thanks again, my friend!


      1. Hello Meg. No problem. We always seem to have the occasional hectic times. It’s the way of the world nowadays ! I must nosy around your blog some more now that we are in touch. Oh, and thanks for visiting mine. ❤


    1. Thank you so much for that! I’m totally flattered, especially since I’ve been a real slacker lately! I’ll definitely do my part, though! I appreciate the thought and the nomination. Things have been hectic (still) and I definitely need to post in general and check up on everybody else very soon! Thanks again, my friend! Hope you’re doing well, too!


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