All the Matchbox Police Cars…Lined Up in OCD Fashion

OCD Matchbox Police Cars

From now on, when you need to line up matchbox cars…this is how it should be done…

Because, you see, guys, my nephew is awesome.  He seriously has all the matchbox police cars…and motorcycles (and fire trucks).  You leave him to his own devices and he creates this epic scene.

I actually took the photo a few months ago, but came across it recently on my Facebook page and knew I had to share it.  Really, it just makes me happy…and I thought some of you might get a kick out of it, too.

I first witnessed this…crime scene…er…blockade…er…straight up awesomeness while pulling into my brother’s driveway.  We were there for dinner and everybody else looked at this awesomeness, kind of laughed, shrugged it off and then walked inside.  However, I was drawn to it and all its perfection.  I had no choice, but to pull out my phone and grab a shot.  In my eyes it was a work of art…and in my heart I was beaming with pride (even though I had nothing to do with creating it).

But seriously, guys…the creativity, the patience, the elaborate planning and the follow through…this is the stuff of geniuses (being completely unbiased, of course).

My six year old nephew, a kid after my own heart.  Can’t sit still for crap, but will over-focus like nobody’s business when it comes to projects he really cares about.

Genetics are crazy things, my friends…crazy, crazy things indeed.

Call it ADHD, OCD, LMNOP…frankly, I don’t care what you call it…as long as you recognize the awesome in it.  That goes for all your own labeled and unlabeled quirks, too.  Recognize that it is, in fact, your very differences that make you shine in this world.  There’s a reason for all of it; there’s a reason for you.  Don’t ever forget that.

And always, always, always be grateful for the people who see the awesome within you, even when you can’t see it within yourself.  Often we create…on a whim…or simply to give life to a vision in our head.  Rarely do we realize the potential impact our creations might have on those around us.

We all impact the world, though, and some of us are lucky enough to have people who care enough about us to tell us when we’ve impacted them.  Be appreciative of those who can see and feel your light and be especially appreciative to those who embrace it with you.  For those are the souls who will guide you home when you are lost; those are the souls who truly know you.

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  1. I was browsing the front page of your blog and came across this pic while scrolling down and my first thought was ” I saw this scene this past weekend “. Ok so I took a road trip and came across a few accident scenes on that trip, to explain why that thought came about. Then I saw the title and thought that is a great little scene.

    After reading the whole story I find i need to say two things. First your nephew is awesome. Second that I agree with your final paragraph whole heartedly. We do affect all we come in contact with.


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