The World Through Smudged and Cracked Rose-Colored (ADHD) Glasses

ADHD Lake Sunrise

It may seem odd that I’m posting a sunrise photo at night.  Although, if I hadn’t called myself out, you probably would have figured it for a sunset photo instead.  The fact that it’s a sunrise in the photo is kind of the point (even if it weren’t, I’m ridiculously honest, so I probably still would have told you).

See, guys, we all have bad days.  Some are worse than others and sometimes we can’t even pinpoint why.

I’m a little lost at the moment and I’m trying to hold myself accountable by proclaiming my optimism through this photo.  While ADHDers are known for missing some of the in-your-face details, we often get to see things that others simply gloss over…especially in nature.

Nature is synonymous with salvation (or at least serenity) for a lot of people with ADHD.  It’s that way for me at least. Nature can bring you joy, even on your worst day.  It can also open your eyes to a wisdom you had forgotten…or had never been privy to before.  I think that’s part of why recreational therapy is so successful for ADHDers.

Every day is a new day, my friends.  That’s a lesson nature has taught me countless times.  It is my hope that this simple sunrise photo will help you see both the wisdom and beauty in that truth.

No bad day can last forever, even if it sometimes seems that way.  We are given a fresh start with each rising sun and thus, a chance to embrace a new perspective.

The answers don’t always come when we want them to.  Maybe that’s nature’s way of letting us know we’re not really in control.  Regardless, answers come when they’re supposed to and only if they’re supposed to.  There are certain questions we’ll never know the answers to, but hopefully we can learn to let go and let life lead the way.

You’re never as lost as you feel.  And every morning you’re given the chance to find your way.

We must all be open to trying again.  We must all be open to seeing beauty where others may not even look.  We must all be open to hope….


  1. Lovely and encouraging post (and the picture is stunning). I so agree, nature can be the salvation of sanity. (We were lucky enough for a while to have access to a most beautiful farm, it’s sold now sadly, but it was a completely healing place for sensitive souls.) I hope you have a good day tomorrow 🙂


    1. Thanks for all the compliments! I actually took the picture a while back, but came across it the other day. And well, I tend to obsess over the perceived inspiration of sunrises, sunsets, clouds and just blue skies in general, so I went with it. It’s actually the view from our dock. I’m extremely thankful (for my sanity) that I live on the lake.

      I hate that they sold your farm. Hopefully you can find another place that offers the same kind of healing? It definitely helps me to get out there and experience nature. If I don’t do it regularly, I start to feel like I’m losing my mind even more…ha ha

      Thanks also for tomorrow’s well wishes! I hope you have a great day, too! 🙂


      1. Oh you are lucky to have that in your back garden!!! I once lived on a lake too, that was pretty awesome. We are still looking for a replacement for the farm, it was absolutely such a magic place and time for us. Still, at times I’ve been able to capture that feeling just in my back garden, but I need to focus, or maybe let go….which I should do….
        And thank you 🙂


      2. Yeah, there are definitely certain spots that just lend themselves to the serenity (and awesome) of nature and life, but it’s always nice to be able to capture that in the “common” places of our daily lives. That’s not to say your garden is “common.” I imagine it’s a wonderful place, but I think you catch my drift. 🙂


  2. I agree to what you say about nature. there are moments in my life that i could have just spontaneously cumbused but have been saved by escaping into nature. Listening to the leaves on the trees move and hearing the birds singing in all their greatness. Such peace in simply looking into the world beyond electronics and hurried ppl. seeing all that nature has to teach us.


    1. Exactly! I think it’s all about what nature can teach us…and teach us about ourselves. I love my electronics, but nature’s just about the only thing that can really ground me sometimes.


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