Truths That Will Change The Way You View ADHD

The Art of ADD Manifesto Video

I challenge you to not be impacted by this video.  The Art of ADD Manifesto outlines, in a short two and a half minutes, 20 – 30 truths about people with ADD / ADHD.  I say 20 – 30 truths instead of giving an exact number because it depends on how you group them…but the overall point is that the video is pretty amazing.

A Note for Fellow ADHDers

If you have ADHD, make sure you count yourself as part of the “we” as you watch the video.  The Art of ADD Manifesto puts such a positive spin on the ADD / ADHD mind that you’re gonna find it hard to walk away without feeling at least a little rejuvenated and stoked about being you.  Focus on the good, my friends.  It’s quite empowering, if I do say so myself.

A Note for Non ADHDers

Take to heart everything that the Art of ADD Manifesto says.  Really think about it…and know that, despite the stigma, like I’ve been screaming, those of us with ADHD are pretty awesome…if you’ll just let us be ourselves.

More to Come

This Art of ADD Manifesto video couldn’t be more on target to where I am at the moment.  I could write a post on each of the 20 – 30 truths and my personal reaction to each of them, but I really want you guys to experience it for yourselves first.  That said, if things go as I hope they will, I’ll have a lot more to say about this video and the things going on in my life very soon.

Okay, okay, my top ADHD truths (in this moment):

“We are not broken.  We are whole.”

“We are distracted by all the possibilities and connections we see…the ones others miss.”

“Our thoughts and impulses can lead to wonderful things.”

“We act on impulses most people secretly wish they could.”

“We are the visionaries, dreamers, explorers and creators.”

“We get there eventually.”

But yeah…more on all of that later, guys!  Sit back and enjoy this refreshing and positive spin on the gift you have been given with your ADHD!

Special Thanks

…to Andrea for creating the Art of ADD Manifesto video and her blog The Art of ADD.  I haven’t had the chance to thoroughly peruse the blog itself yet, but I definitely wanted to give props where props is due and I wanted to point you in her direction!


  1. Oh wow. I do feel inspired and I could do with a dose of that! Awesome video, I’m going to visit the clever lady’s site right now! Thanks for posting, and good to see you back 🙂


    1. I’m glad you felt inspired! (Hope you still do!) I did, too, which is why I had to share. It’s good to have a sense of community and to be in a place (albeit virtual) where we know there are others who understand…and who share similar awesomeness.

      Also, I’m trying to get back in the groove here, but I have taken on a lot in my personal life. Good things, but time consuming things for the moment.

      Hope you’ve been well! 🙂


  2. Loved it! Love, love, loved it.
    I did mention I loved it, right? 😉
    Some of those truths, ie: not apologizing for being different, was something I needed to remember. Especially now.

    My thanks go to you, Meg (still going to do the real camera thing lol) and to Andrea.
    You both knocked it out of the ballpark.
    Well done 🙂


    1. I’m so glad this post found you when you needed it! These truths are things we know (or once knew) and do need to remind ourselves of on a regular basis. Here’s hopin’ the positive vibe has stuck with you!

      Thanks for all your kind words, my friend! Sorry I’ve been away (again). 🙂


  3. Thank you. I so needed this right this minute. My 10 year old told her class that she had ADHD today…it was an impulse 🙂 The reaction was awful. She cried for an hour about how they told her she was weird and that no one would play with her anymore because they didn’t want to catch it…”I just want to be normal, mom.” I can’t wait to show her this and reinforce that no one is normal and that she is wonderful and creative and smart and inventive…and that all of these characteristics will be with her and serve her well for the rest of her life.


    1. Sounds like you are an awesome mom! I hate that other kids are treating your daughter like an outcast because she has ADHD. The world is full of jerks, but I am confident your daughter will rise above all of their hate. Tell her that “normal” is highly overrated and we ADHDers have more fun in the long run. Continue to let her know she’s awesome. She is crazy lucky to have a mother who can see her so clearly and who recognizes (and appreciates) all of her gifts.

      I’m a part of an ADHD group on Facebook and I asked the members about groups for parents. They sent me several suggestions. Please let me know if you are interested or send me an email if you’d rather:

      Keep up the good work, lady! You’re raising a great kid and I only hope she doesn’t let the opinion of jerks taint her opinion of herself. She’s better than she even knows.


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