blue skies

Blue Skies on Both Sides of (or Above) the Clouds

Nature photography Blue sky on both sides of the clouds

As I’ve mentioned before (and you’re probably starting to realize), I’m kind of obsessed with taking nature photos…and especially sky photos.  Nature presents so many metaphors and can help you see things in a different perspective.  Or maybe I’m just easily distracted because of the ADHD and nature is always there trying to grab my attention, so I fall victim to it.  But, honestly…of all the things that distract me, I gotta say nature’s my favorite.

When I saw this sky scene the other afternoon, I had to capture it.  The metaphor is so very in-your-face (or at least it was in mine).

Clouds come, but blue skies will come again.

As much as it doesn’t feel like it sometimes, pain is only temporary.  If you can hang in there for just a little longer, things will get better and you’ll start to see the beauty in life again.  Learn from your storms and you will be stronger for them.  You’ll also appreciate the blue skies more for you know what it is like to live without them.  Absence makes the heart grow fonder and such.  🙂

Also, aesthetically speaking, I’m just really drawn to the contrast between the central cloud formation and the blue sky on both sides of it…and the way the sun seems to be peeking through the clouds, like it’s about to bust through and completely transform the scene.  Sure, there’s more metaphor there, but it all boils down to the same thing…there’s always a reason to hope.  Have faith and patience and the sun will eventually break through even your darkest cloud.

Painted Skies and ADHD Optimism

Blue skies ADHD Getnutmegged

“…because blue skies should always be acknowledged.” – Enough said.  (Okay, not really because I have a little more to say.)

I mean, we’re all going to have bad days (ADHD or not).  There’s no getting away from that.  But, the trick is…to keep hanging on for the good days.  They’ll come…they always do.

The thing about ADHDers, though, is that, for as much as we struggle, we tend to have this underlying optimism.  Maybe it’s just that we’ve forgotten about the bad by the time something good comes along, so we can embrace the good easier than most.  But I don’t really think that’s it.  I think that our ADHD struggles, as with most struggles in life, have made us thankful for those moments when the sun is shining and things are good.

To be clear, I didn’t exactly have the best day today or anything.  In fact, I didn’t like it much at all.  But the sky kind of speaks to me when it’s all painted and awesome like this and I’m a little obsessed with attempting to capture it in all its glory.  Awesome skies do have a knack for cheering me up, even if only briefly.  Most of the time, I feel called to share the pictures, too.  Like, somehow, if the painted sky is making me happy in the moment, maybe it’ll work for somebody else out there who might need it, too.

So, guys, after last night’s wicked long blog entry, I leave you with the first (of likely many) sky pictures.  I hope you’ll find some inspiration or hope…or maybe just appreciate that there are a lot of really good blues in the shot.