If You’re ADHD And You Know It…Attach Your iPhone With A Leash?

iPhone Leash - Kenu Highline

So…it’s not a Friday Find…because it’s not Friday…and also because I haven’t tried this product yet.  Not that I tried The Isolator…but that’s not exactly a feasible purchase.  Although…eBay? Sadly, at first search, it’s a no (and I did actually look and I probably would have bought one).

I digress…yesterday’s post was all about how we ADHDers are perpetually clumsy and tend to break stuff.  Then, today…this handy dandy Kenu Highline pops up in one of my feeds.  I’m looking up at my six open windows, but can’t figure out where the first click came from, but I did end up landing on this article that has some pretty good info about it.  I also like how they take the blame (of injured (sometimes fatally) phones) off of us:

“Our most indispensable possession is small, frail, and slippery.”

Okay, so what is it exactly?  The Kenu Highline product page wraps it up rather nicely:

“…a clever security leash and protective case system that provides peace of mind while capturing photos and video in the most precarious situations. Whether you are on a chairlift, whale watching, zip–lining, rock climbing, or entertaining your child, Highline will be there to provide the ultimate protection for your iPhone.”

How many phones have you broken?  I told you guys that I’ve managed to break an OtterBox before, right?  I mean, it’s what we do.  I can’t even remember all the ways that I’ve broken phones.  And I’m just not good about using a case.  I should be, mind you, but I’m just not.  By now I’ve realized that I need to outfit all of my electronics with the most durable cases out there. Yet, here my phone sits case-less.  Because, honestly, if the case makes it too hard to fit the phone in my pocket, that case is coming off.  And if the case compromises my phone’s functionality (at all), it’s coming off, too.

Maybe strapping that sucker down, so it can no longer leap to (or be thrown to) its death, is the way to go (the Highline even comes with a protective case).

My only concern with that bungee cord situation?  I know me and I will likely play with it.  I will likely pull the crap out of it until it loses it’s spiral ways and is no longer bungee in nature.  I will likely swing it around on my stupid, little finger (where it might have the tendency to slam into walls and such)…and honestly, I’m thinking that will just put the phone in a different kind of precarious situation.

Still, for $35, maybe I could learn to sit still.  Okay, okay…who are we kidding?  But, hey, there are definitely times when it might come in handy.  I’ve been known to use a case in certain situations, for temporary protection in highly dangerous (aka accident prone) circumstances.  Maybe a bungee leash would provide the added security I need when rushing around an airport or at a trade show.  Although, no, not at a trade show…too many heavy boxes and awkward encounters with the closet and desk walls…unless the case is super sturdy, too (which it might be).  I’m just afraid the bungeed iPhone might find a way to lodge itself between two boxes only to be released at great speeds into a wall…or, maybe worse, my face.

Anyway, I’m rambling and clearly still on the fence about it.  I definitely like the idea behind the Highline and can appreciate the need for it.  Just not sure if it’s good enough to handle my level of clumsy.

Can I just say, though…I have actually had my iPhone for quite some time now.  It’s been a pretty durable survivor.  Feels like I might jinx myself and I don’t want to end up running it over in the driveway later, but still.

Well, see for yourself below.  Looks like a pretty convenient, durable, little gadget in action.

(Still deciding if I should buy one.)