Making Big Stuff Happen With Hands-On Learning (an ADHD Favorite)

I want to have a space to learn and be more focused

Came across this awesome project on Kickstarter – X-SPACE: A Library Designed and Built By Its Students.  The idea sounded awesome and I wanted to learn more about it, so I watched the video.

Such an amazing Kickstarter project.  Seriously…I’m a bit blown away over here.

I did some more research, to really understand the back story.  …even more blown away.

Realm Charter School in Berkeley, California offers these super elaborate hands-on design courses to its students through a program called Project H.  Holy crap, the awesomeness.  Project H students are the masterminds behind the X-SPACE library designing/building Kickstarter project.

“108 eighth grade students are designing and building their own library, and you can own a piece of it.” – X-SPACE on Kickstarter

Anyway, of course I supported the cause and donated…because SO awesome…how could I not?

For some ADHD / ADD learners, hands-on learning is the ideal learning style, the only (or the best) way to get things to stick.  I am one of those ADHD learners, which is why I am so enamored with this project and Project H in general.

Even if you can learn something by reading it just one time, you need to check out the Project H website (http://www.projecthdesign.org/).  They even provide lesson plans  and other tools for several of their projects (I can’t even pinpoint just one because they all look so awesome).  The potential impact of what they’re doing is just huge.  I highly recommend you take a peek, guys, especially if you’re a teacher or student (and obviously if you have ADHD, ADD or other learning differences).

I am in awe of the big things these kids are doing and I am super proud of the adults that are making all of this possible.  I mean, all you have to do is read the first sentence on their website and you’ll get it:

“Teaching youth to design and build their future with heart, hands, and hammers.”


You can even buy this awesomeness, which I am SO doing.