Capturing Nature Through Photography

There was supposed to be a meteor shower the other morning, so I Googled and Googled all about how to capture one in photograph.  I mean, I researched the heck out of it…and had my camera all setup and ready to go.  Even laid out my clothes and shoes, so I could just hop up and get to shooting.

Unfortunately, the meteor shower proved to be uneventful, at least in my neck of the woods.  However, all the researching and preparing got me itching to take some photos.  Then my dad asked me to take some random photos of our house…not very interesting ones, but it still forced me to bring my camera outside.

I took the photos for my dad and started to walk back up towards the house.  Then I started looking around and I realized there were a lot of cool, nature things happening right in my back yard.  So, I started shooting.  I was playing around with the manual settings more than I have in a long time.

Life has gotten in the way and I haven’t had much time to devote to my photography, but it’s definitely another one of those things that helps calm my ADHD / OCD mind.  Zeroing in on the perfect shot brings a kind of focus that my ADHD mind rarely gets to feel.  And my OCD nature pushes me to have the patience to get that perfect shot…or at least to keep trying.

Nature photography kind of makes sense for me.  It’s the combination of two of my favorite things and I can get lost doing it for hours.  Needless to say, I took over 200 photos during my mini-shoot.  Part of what’s so awesome about photography is that you get the chance to share your perspective on a moment or, in this case, a scene in nature.  When an experience touches your soul in a good way, photography gives you the opportunity to pass it on and touch somebody else’s soul.

Don’t worry, I only pulled five photos from the 200+, so you’re not going to be forced to see the natural world through my eyes for the rest of your night.  But, I did want to share a few…just in case you needed something to brighten your evening (meaning the nature itself, not necessarily my creative interpretation via photo).

They’re not perfect, but taking them did make me want to take more.  Here’s hopin’ (for my sake) that this was the push I needed to get back into photography.  I used to shoot weddings…I used to sell my photos in (small) galleries and in local shops…I used to just take more photos.  It’s been years since I really allowed myself to get lost behind the lens.  It definitely reminded me how important it is for me to do creative things on a regular basis, though.

That said, my knowledge of flowers is fairly limited, so the file names are pretty boring…and I must have used up all of my creativity, so there are no titles…but you get the idea.

Nature Photography White Flowers

Nature Photography White Flowers

Nature Photography Clematis Flower

Nature Photography White Pink Rose

Nature Photography White Flower Bunches

Thanks for taking a peek, guys!  Hope you liked ’em!




  1. I like the first two the best. mainly because they are so vivid in contrast to their backgrounds I enjoy flowers and plants. they have a inner peace and an unspoken wisdom about them. wish i could hear there perspective of the world. what is their view of us as we peer down from above, what would they be thinking as we lean down to smell them? . do they know how they effect some of us? are they aware of what they represent to us? do they know how they can brighten a sadness in us when they are sacrificed as a gift? o.k. you can say it….im so weird..


    1. Crap, sorry if I accidentally “unapproved” your comment. I didn’t think I had to approve your comments, but then I don’t know what happened…I got lost and hit the check mark from my phone and when I got on the computer your comment wasn’t approved.

      You’re not weird…not for your theory on the feelings of plants anyway. 😉

      I wonder stuff like that all the time. Maybe that’s part of the empathy thing, ya know? Maybe we just feel for all living things. Frankly, I think that’s pretty highly evolved of us…ha ha

      The first two were actually my favorites, too…the contrast and I feel there’s a kind of simplicity to them. Also, lots of green…which is my favorite color, so there’s that. 🙂


  2. Ooo, you guys know about Empathy! (I agree it is highly evolved, just more painful when the rest of the world isn’t.)
    Beautiful pictures! I also especially like the tiny daisies, just for their simplicity – unassumingness? but they’re all beautifully done.


    1. You’re exactly write about empathy. If the rest of the world could have more of it, those who feel it so deeply would suffer less. Besides, the world, in general, would be a much better place.

      Thank you for all the compliments about my photos, too! Unassumingness is a good word for the tiny daisies…I like it.

      Nature lends itself so nicely to photography. When the subject is so beautiful in and of itself, it’s hard not to take a nice shot. 🙂

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  3. Gorgeous shots 🙂
    My fave would be the rose, but I like them all. I’m the camera sniper of the family. My pics don’t show off talent, only that I happened to be quick to grab the cell. 😉
    I’ve a really good camera sitting beside me as I type this. One that’s been collecting dust for a long time. Maybe it’s time to change that. 🙂


    1. Thanks so much! I’m glad you like ’em! My mom loves roses, so I kind of HAVE to shoot them when I see them. 🙂

      Well, hey, being quick to grab the cell is half the challenge. I bet the talent is there, though! Maybe if you try that really good camera sitting next to you? I have a hunch those shots will reflect your talent better than the cell pics. 🙂 Not that cell pics don’t serve their purpose…and they’ve come a long way. Just sayin’…don’t judge your talent based on those and those alone, my friend! 🙂


      1. I will hold off on judgment until I have pics from both to compare. Might even post them on the blog, who knows? 🙂

        Could be fun letting everyone see whether my talent sings or howls lol


      2. I haven’t been by your blog to see if you’ve actually taken any photos yet, but I’m on my way this afternoon. 🙂

        Honestly, who really cares if the talent’s there or not…if you’re having fun with it. It’s still cathartic…in my opinion anyway. 🙂


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