Today’s Impulsive ADHD Purchase

Einstein's ADHD and Ice Cream Sandwiches

A few of us were craving McFlurries after lunch today, so we field tripped it up to McDonald’s.  We approached the drive-thru window with great anticipation, but were met with much disappointment instead.  The McFlurry machine was broken…and so we cried.  Okay, not really, but it was a pretty heartbreaking moment.

Determined to reward ourselves with a scrumptious treat, we headed to the grocery store for some ice cream of sorts.  And all the sorts they had! A vast selection indeed!  Overwhelmed by the delicious possibilities, we settled on an old favorite – ice cream sandwiches.

There were six in a box…so I had to buy two boxes.  If you know me at all (which some of you do), you know I can’t show up somewhere with special treats…if I don’t have enough for everybody.  It was engrained in me a long time ago, “If you don’t have enough for the class, don’t bring it.”  Besides, I like to cheer people up and ice cream has a tendency to do that.

We head up to the register and I see this magazine with Albert Einstein (who had already come up in conversation earlier today).  So, I say, “I need that! He has ADHD!”  To which, I correct myself, “Had,” and I toss the magazine on the checkout belt thing.

While they ring it up, I happen to look down at the price total.

$16.99 for today’s impulsive ADHD purchase.  That’s what I get for acting without thinking…oh well.  Maybe I’ll actually read this magazine instead of just hoarding it protectively for the rest of my life.

Chances are slim, though.